20 Lessons learned in 20 years of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (Part II)

It’s not the technology, stupid

It’s the people. I.e., hire bright, and put them in front of any technology. They will pick it up.

You don’t need super bright people though

I have seen someone who I hesitantly hired as I did not think they were super bright, and watched that person transform into a rock star through sheer effort. It did take 3 years but the person concerned is flying. I stand corrected.

Communication matters – a lot

Success in product development is 60% Technology, 40% communication. Most of the productivity loss seems to be around ineffective communication.

Team dynamics is critical

I stay away from teams that I cannot function in, and create teams of individuals I work well with. The results are dramatically different. Thankfully, being senior has its advantages.

I don’t get why people have to come in to work to be productive

Organizations make people drive 3 hours just to show their face. Go figure.

To be continued…

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