Sell me the whole car! Not the pieces of it!

I wrote an earlier post on requirements for the next generation of DWBI technology directed towards product vendors. This is a follow up on that and an analogy that popped into my mind later about the direction that should be taken by DWBI vendors in general.

Currently, vendors have provided us the components needed to build a car (DWBI solution), but the expectation is that we build it ourselves.

Some have provided us an engine (database platform) – and some have given us a vastly improved and powerful one (columnar dbs and dw appliances). Others have given us a dashboard for the vehicle (BI), and an entertainment system (in-memory analytics). Others wheels (ETL).

Now, every organization just needs to assemble the team of automotive engineers and designers to put it all together. Simple, right? Not.

Why not sell the whole car? There are at least six major vendors that are currently producing all the components required. There are others (open source vendors) that can easily collaborate. How difficult is it to take the next step to start producing cars that we can actually start driving in, that are actually good and can be customized easily?

Easier said than done. But critically important. This will change the ballgame, in my opinion.

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